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European Aquaristics

Cabinet for UNS Tanks white high-gloss & achat gray


The cabinet for the UNS Aquarium Standard – 60 U from european aquaristics is handmade and available in white high-gloss as well as black. Furthermore, we have the color achat gray available for the 120U versions.

The base cabinet is made of sturdy and durable wood with a laminated surface. During production, the cabinets are completely glued and screwed together, which gives them a high degree of stability and sturdiness. On the sides, there is a round cable and hose duct made of plastic on the upper left and right halves. For a clear look, handles have been dispensed with and high-quality “push to open” doors have been installed. Inside the cabinets there is enough space for equipment, fish food, books or aquascaping accessories. Each cabinet is equipped with plastic feet, which have a diameter of 5 cm and are adjustable in height.


  • High-quality and stable base cabinet for UNS 60U
  • Openings on both sides for hoses and cables
  • Additional cable aperture in the centre panel
  • Plenty of space for accessories
  • Push to open cabinet door for easy accessf
  • Also available in black & achat gray (120U)


60 x 36 x 80 cm
Base height: 19 mm
120 x 60 x 80 cm
Base height: 19 mm
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