13. September 2022

New Bioloark Products

After the successful introduction of the BioBottle and Luji Glass Cup product series, all products of these series are now available again. Furthermore, we now…
11. May 2022

New Light ONF MIST O

New Light ONF MIST O Designed with experience, ONF has created another unique lighting solution for your favorite aquarium or terrestrial plants. The MIST O…
22. March 2022

New BIOLOARK products

After the successful launch of the BioBottle product series, all products in this series are now available again! These are the following products: high-quality suspensions…
9. March 2022

New ADA products

CO2-Twist-Counter CO2 Twist Counter is a large CO2 bubble counter that can be used with Pollen Glass Large as well as Pollen Glass Beetle. It…
2. February 2022


New TWINSTAR C-LINE III I am happy to present our Newsletter 2/2022 about the launch of the updated and redesigned version of TWINSTAR C-LINE III.For…
17. January 2022

UNS Rimless Tanks

UNS Rimless Tanks The company Ultum Nature Systems is committed to providing leading, high quality aquarium items for everyday use. Market leader in the premium…
10. December 2021

The new brand BIOLOARK

The new brand BIOLOARK Bioloark is a brand of Shandong Xizun Trade Co., LTD. They are committed to integrating nature into the living space through…
1. December 2021

The new ONF Moss Micro Landscape Set

The new ONF Moss Micro Landscape Set "Bring the vitality of plants into your living environment. Let the amazing power of green life sink into…
12. November 2021

Release of Nature Aquarium Calendar 2022

Release of Nature Aquarium Calendar 2022 Nature Aquarium Calendar has been well-received every year. In the 2022 version, we are featuring 6 works selected from…
18. October 2021

New products by THE 2HR AQUARIST from Singapur

THE 2HR AQUARIST from Singapore with the new, currently most innovative aquarium fertilizer APT Will be available from our warehouse next week. APT Fertilizer and…
2. September 2021

New Size of the new ADA Cube Garden sizes are available now!

New Size of the new ADA Cube Garden sizes are available now! As already announced, ADA bring the following new Cube Garden aquarium sizes onto…
28. June 2021

New ONF Nano + White Smart Desktop Plant Lighting

New ONF Nano + White Smart Desktop Plant Lighting The ONF Nano + Desktop White is now available in a limited edition. Configured like the…
26. April 2021

New Nature Aquarium Guidebook

New Nature Aquarium Guidebook has been completed. New Nature Aquarium Guidebook has been completed. The guidebook that is easy to understand, is a summary of…
24. March 2021

ONF One + and ONF Corner booklet available now

ONF Corner booklet is available now The ONF Corner book records lots of the amazing aquascape artworks which tag ONF with their products on Instagram.…
15. March 2021

New Dooa Products

DOOA Magnet Light Stand DOOA DOOA Magnet Light G Water Softener Dooa Glass Pot SHIZUKU DOOA Wood Base SHIZUKU & Essential Oils
26. January 2021

IAPLC2020 Contest Booklet

IAPLC2020 Contest Booklet
16. December 2020

Version III of Twinstar E and S series now available

Version III of Twinstar E and S series now available The Twinstar E and S series have been redesigned again, and therefore version III is…
23. November 2020

Nature Aquarium Calendar 2021

The new Nature Aquarium Calendar 2021 We will begin taking orders for ADA Calendar 2021! Nature Aquarium Calendar has been very popular every year. The…
15. October 2020

DOOA Sol Stand RGB

New Release Sol Stand RGB DOOA Sol Stand RGB is a new lighting system for small aquariums equipped with popular RGB LED lights. It is…
3. August 2020

New DOOA PALUDA-Products

System Paluda 30 & 60 / Neo Glass Paluda 30 & 60 The DOOA System Paluda is an aquarium tank for Paludarium, adopting original misting…
15. July 2020

ADA 60cm FullSystem

ADA 60cm FullSystem Sales Folder
30. June 2020

ADA Bio Rio G und new product catalog

New Bio Rio G Highly porous filter media made of sintered glass, Bio Rio G, is now available! Because of its porous surface area, it…
15. May 2020

BOTANICA Sanctuary

To all dealers of the E.A. european aquaristics GmbH! I am pleased to inform you that we are now adding another innovative brand to our…
1. March 2020

New Ada Products

AQUASKY RGB 60 Silver and Black is available now! AQUASKY RGB 60 is a LED lighting system for aquatic plants with special RGB LED chips…
1. December 2019


Ab Anfang Januar stehen folgende TWINSTAR-Produkte neu für Sie zur Verfügung:Artikel Nr.: 7233 TWINSTAR LIGHT 300CC RGB 30cm 1050 Lumen 16 Watt 7050 KelvinArtikel Nr.:…
1. December 2019

ADA Products

Aqua Soil - Amazonia Packung-Redesign und neuer Händlerpreis ADA hat ein neues Verpackungsdesign für Aqua Soil - Amazonia entwickelt, dem idealen Boden- Substratprodukt für Wasserpflanzen.…