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UNS Rimless Tanks

The company Ultum Nature Systems is committed to providing leading, high quality aquarium items for everyday use.

Market leader in the premium segment of aquariums in the USA, the company UNS should optimally complements our brand portfolio!

The first product series with which we are starting are the Rimless Glass Aquariums with mitred edges.

These premium aquariums set new standards in the world of plant aquariums. The highly transparent glass allows a truly comprehensive view of the underwater world of a plant aquarium.

The aquariums have innovative dimensions based on the golden ratio and consist of 26 different sizes, divided into 6 product categories:

Standard Rimless Aquarium

This category comprises the most common aquarium sizes ranging from 10 to 100 gallons and up. This type of aquarium offers a large amount of space for aquascape creations. Common fauna for this tank category includes large schools of Tetras or Rasboras, smaller Cichlids, Gouramis, Angel Fish, Discus, and other medium-sized livestock choices. We recommend this tank category for unique nature aquarium layouts.

MODEL VARIANTS: 45U, 60U, 75P, 90P, 90U, 120P, 120U, 180U
VOLUME RANGE: 9 – 156 Gallons

Cube Rimless Aquarium

Feature symmetrical dimensions and are a great option for centerpiece displays. Common livestock choices include Betta Spendens, Neocaridina Shrimp, and smaller tropical species such as tetras and Rasboras. The cube aquarium is a great starter aquarium or as an addition to an existing collection of planted tanks.

MODEL VARIANTS: 16C, 20C, 25C, 30C, 40C
VOLUME RANGE: 1 – 16 Gallons

Nano Rimless Aquarium

Increasing in popularity, nano aquariums are miniature versions of the Standard category. Nano aquariums are ideal for homes with limited space or for those who are in search of the perfect canvas for small displays that make big impacts. You might spot a nano tank on a store countertop, nightstand, or console table. Livestock choices include similar species listed for the cube category.

VOLUME RANGE: 3 – 4 Gallons

Shallow Rimless Aquarium

Provides low panoramic views and require extra creativity when aquascaping due to the lack of overall height. This type of aquarium offers an increased amount of depth and is commonly used for hybrid and pond-style setups. Lower level aquatic life such as Corydoras Pygmaeus or Pygmy Cory Cats make great livestock contenders for this category as their normal behavior includes shoaling in lower levels of the aquarium.

MODEL VARIANTS: 25S, 5S, 45S, 60S, 75S, 120S
VOLUME RANGE: 2 – 68 Gallons

Long Rimless Aquarium

The extended length provides opportunity to create longer aquascape layouts due to the generous amount of horizontal ground available. Beautiful landscapes can be created with this type of aquarium and is common to see schooling fish such as Tetras and Rasboras in this type of tank swimming from end to end.

MODEL VARIANTS: 45L, 60L, 90B, 90L
VOLUME RANGE: 3.8 – 21 Gallons

Tall Rimless Aquarium

This aquarium category currently consists of one model. This aquarium was created to inspire creativity and a minimalistic approach to aquatic plant display. Tall glass panes highlight intricate details and encourage elevated aquascaping ideas and techniques.

VOLUME RANGE: 1.5 Gallons

Innovative 45° precision-cut mitered edges produce nearly seamless results, delivering an improved viewing experience and cleaner display when compared to standard rimless aquariums.

A dense foam stabilizing mat is included with every tank.

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