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Ultum Nature Systems company strives to provide industry leading, high quality aquarium supplies for everyday use.

Market leader in the premium segment of aquaristics in the USA, the company optimally complements our brand portfolio!

After the successful launch of the UNS brand on the European market a year ago, we have imported further aquarium sizes for you and, for the first time, the UNS paludarium.

We will have the entire UNS range available for you in the 2023/24 aquarium season!

You will find all necessary information such as the US aquarium price list (the prices are integrated in our standard price list!), detailed information on the various items such as descriptions, dimensions etc. as well as some pictures in the attached files.

Please contact me or my customer service if you have any questions about the new products and their availability!


3T, 5T, 45T and 60T


Paludarium 45E and 60E

For further information please refer to the current price list.

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