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New Light ONF MIST O

Designed with experience, ONF has created another unique lighting solution for your favorite aquarium or terrestrial plants. The MIST O comes with built-in dimming and color adjustment capabilities packed into a sleek 3.5” diameter ABS housing. Included are a durable braided USB C cable for power and a thin magnetic coin that allows the MIST O to be used in a variety of applications:

  • Dimmable (4 steps)
  • Adjustable color temperature (2700K-4000K-7000K)
  • ColorFull LED
  • Magnetic top
  • 110° beam angle

USB adaptor is not included. 5V 2A USB Type C adaptor needed.

The MIST O is magnetic and comes with mounting hardware in the form of a sleek steel disc that helps the unit attach easily and securely to any desired surface. Its small blueprint and powerful light spectrum is perfect for smaller nano planted aquariums or terrestrial planted displays. MIST O can be used on cabinets, shelving, display cabinets and more – Installation is simple, remove the protective backing from the disc, adhere to the desired location and place the MIST O unit on. The magnetic hold is strong and secure.

Similar to other ONF LED Light fixtures, the MIST O features 4 levels of gradual dimming via a touch sensor button. Preferred color temperature between 2700K, 4000K and 7000K may also be chosen via the second touch sensitive button on the unit. MIST O is arguably one of the most versatile compact plant lights available! Brightness and color temperature settings are memorized by MIST O in the event of a power outage.

Please refer to the attached PDF for the product details.

For further information please refer to the current price list.

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