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1. [Product] Release of the new layout material series KUMU

The new small-sized layout materials series from ADA, “KUMU”, is being released.
A total of 24 material types across 4 categories in the lineup.

Not just for use in small glass cases as paludarium layout material but for varied application as a decorative material for enhancing compositions and detailing scenic arrangements in Nature Aquariums.

The starter sets include each 3 pieces of the following KUMU items:

Article Nr.: 106-701 ST-01 Ryuoh Stone 300g

Article Nr.: 106-702 ST-02 Ohko Stone 250g

Article Nr.: 106-703 ST-03 Yamaya Stone 300g

Article Nr.: 106-704 ST-04 Lichen Stone 400g

Article Nr.: 106-705ST-05 Jagure Stone 400g

Article Nr.: 106-706 ST-06 Red Slate Stone 300g

Article Nr.: 106-707 ST-07 Buff Layer Stone 300g

Article Nr.: 106-708 ST-08 Red Lava Stone 150g

Article Nr.: 106-709 ST-09 Black Lava Stone 150g

Article Nr.: 106-721 GR-01 Flat River Gravel S 250mL

Article Nr.: 106-722 GR-02 Flat River Gravel 250mL

Article Nr.: 106-723 GR-03 Hazel Gravel S 250mL

Article Nr.: 106-724 GR-04 Hazel Gravel 250mL

Article Nr.: 106-725 GR-05 Maize Gravel 250mL

Article Nr.: 106-726 GR-06 Rose Gravel 250mL

Article Nr.: 106-741 SA-01 Branco Sand 250mL

Article Nr.: 106-742 SA-02 Ivory Sand S 250mL

Article Nr.: 106-743 SA-03 Ivory Sand 250mL

Article Nr.: 106-744 SA-04 Blond Sand S 250mL

Article Nr.: 106-745 SA-05 Blond Sand 250mL

Article Nr.: 106-746 SA-06 Vanilla Sand 250mL

Article Nr.: 106-747 SA-07 Brook Sand 250mL

Article Nr.: 106-761 WO-01 Horn Wood Chip 85g

Article Nr.: 106-762 WO-02 Horn Wood Pieces (4 Pieces)

2. [Product] New Release of “CELL”

CELL is the glass pot for the enjoyment of plants. CELL is not just for plants that can be kept under constant humidity but also for the cultivation of plants that are native to tropical rainforest or wetlands. Humidity control using the top case and maintenance of soil moisture content with the bottom case allows plants of many environments to be grown and viewed.

Designed to match a variety of interiors, as in accordance with recent demand for indoor green, the water retaining bottom casecomes in a choice of three colors. By recreating the environment suitable for your plants, you can enjoy its true beauty.

Article Nr.: 151-320 DOOA CELL Klar

Article Nr.: 151-321 DOOA CELL Bernstein

Article Nr.: 151-322 DOOA CELL Smaragd

Please find the attached PDF for more details.

3. [NA Product] Limited sales of the CO2 Beetle Counter

Since its sales period ended in 2020, the sales of CO2 Beetle Counter, a carbon dioxide measuring device for large aquariums, will be sold again.

Because the unique spiral shaped glass through which carbon dioxide bubbles rise is handmade by glass craft man one by one, please understand the quantity is limited. Furthermore, we have been forced to raise the price of the product due to recent rises in fuel and material costs.

Article Nr.: 102-204 CO2-Beetle-Counter

4. DOOA Neo Glass AIR W200×D200×H80(mm) change into 151-209 DOOA Neo Glass AIR W200×D200×H90(mm)

*Sales of DOOA Neo Glass AIR W200×D200×H80(mm) will be discontinued.
*Product code, product name and EAN code will be changed. No changes to pricing.

5. [ADA Goods] Sale of ADA Welcome Day 2023 original Goods

Original ADA Goods of last year’s ADA Welcome Day will now be sold limitedly.

Please see the attached photos for images of the products.

Please note that as quantities are limited, we may have to adjust order amounts.

Article Nr.: 109-086 ADA Welcome Day 2023 Stadium Jumper L

Article Nr.: 109-088 ADA Welcome Day 2023 T-Shirt:Frosch M

Article Nr.: 109-089 ADA Welcome Day 2023 T-Shirt:Frosch L

Article Nr.: 109-090 ADA Welcome Day 2023 T-Shirt:Diskus M

Article Nr.: 109-091 ADA Welcome Day 2023 T-Shirt:Diskus L 

Article Nr.: 109-094 ADA Welcome Day 2023 Original Pins

6. [Product] Release of STREAM PUMP MINI

The Stream Pump Mini, a submersible pump for circulating water in small aquariums, is now on sale.

Install in aquariums too small for external filters or aquariums which only need circulated water in aquariums,this pump makes it possible to create a water flow suitable for living organism.

The main unit, whose compact size keeps its presence in an aquarium minimal, has suction cups on the rear to allow for installationeven on mildly curved surfaces, and has a flow rate adjustment slider which allows the water discharge amount to be controlled.

A 9mm hose (inner diameter) can connect to the detachable discharge nozzle, so it is useful for various scenarios.

Article Nr.: 105-807 Stream Pump Mini

Please find the attached PDF for more details.

7. [Product] Limited release of FC Tool Tray Gray

We are releasing a limited number of fine concrete trays for layout tools. These trays are thin yet durable due tothe inclusion of fiber materials in the concrete. The tray’s solid and simple design has four grooves to accommodate the finger holes of the Pro Scissors and the short and wave models of the same series, and various layout tools fit beautifully into it.

The tray size is equivalent to our company’s previously released 30th anniversary commemorative product “FC Tool Tray”,but the color will change from the previous “earth white” to the same tone of gray as the FC Tool Stand.

Article Nr.: 101-222 FC Tool Tray Grau

Please find the attached PDF for more details.

8. [Promotional Item] New brochure “Nature Aquarium Guide W600” (English)

As we announced earlier, we published new know-how brochure “Nature Aquarium Guide W600”.

The brochure is a helpful resource for hobbyists or potential customers who are interested in planted aquarium tanks.

9. [Product] Wood Cabinet Series New Color “Cool Gray”

Die Wood Cabinet Series wurde um die neue Farbe „Cool Gray“ erweitert. Dabei handelt es sich um einen Aquarienständer für die sichere Installation von Cube Garden. Der neutralgraue Schrank eignet sich für die Kombination mit Edelstahlprodukten und Aquasky RGB.

Article Nr.: 108-592 Wood Cabinet 60 (30) Cool Gray

Please find the attached PDF for more details.

For further information please refer to the current price list.

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