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1. New APT products

Art.-Nr. 5141 APT FIXLITE 300 ml

APT FIX works very well, but is too strong for mosses, liverworts, and other sensitive plants. APT FIXLITE is suitable for these plants. It also works on Cladophora species that cannot be treated with FIX

Art.-Nr. 5145 APT DEW 300 ml

This is a foliar spray/foliar fertilizer for terrarium/paludarium plants.
It is based on the APT Capstone fertilizer formula but is designed for foliar spraying.

2. WIO FINE-TUNING Material 750gr, 0,3-3cm

WIO’s new Fine-Tuning is a revolutionary product line carefully designed to elevate your nature creations to an unprecedented level of realism. Our innovative series of 10 different types of stone, each in a 750gr. Package with a stone size of 0.3-3cm offers unparalleled attention to detail and ensures that your aquariums, paludariums and terrariums always look perfect, whether you want to put the finishing touches on a new tank or care for your masterpiece.

Art.-Nr. 52429 bis 52429 WIO-Fine Tunning Accent

3. New ADA Products

Art.-Nr. 109-547 IAPLC 2023 Book (limited edition)

Art.-Nr. 156-204 DOOA Hand Spray

Art.-Nr. 109-574 ADA Suikei Creators Vol.2

ADA has changed or adjusted the product names and packaging of various DOOA items. Further changes to the DOOA range will certainly follow in the next few months.

The current changes affect the following articles:

Art.-Nr. 156-004 DOOA Scissors Curve 170 (formerly 156-001 DOOA Aqua Scissors S)

Art.-Nr. 156-005 DOOA Scissors Curve 230 (formerly 156-002 DOOA Aqua Scissors M)

Art.-Nr. 156-104 DOOA Tweezers 175 (formerly 156-101 DOOA Aqua Pincette S)

Art.-Nr. 156-105 DOOA Tweezers 255 (formerly 156-102 DOOA Aqua Pincette M)

Art.-Nr. 156-106 DOOA Tweezers 300 (formerly 156-103 DOOA Aqua Pincette S)

Further information about the new WIO, APT and ADA products can be found in the attached price list as well as in the product information and brochures.

For further information please refer to the current price list.

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