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The manufacturer AQUARIO has specialized in the production of high-quality acrylic products for aquariums such as CO2 diffusers and other useful accessories for aquariums. The Korean brand, which has existed since 2010, follows the motto of offering every aquarist the opportunity to create a natural aquascape with the help of its product range. Therefore, AQUARIO offers very elegant and discreet aquarium accessories that do not disrupt the layout of an aquarium. In addition, they are constantly working on optimizing their products and expanding the product range with new innovations. The product range has been available worldwide since 2019.

The E.A. european aquaristics GmbH is now the exclusive sales partner of this unique brand for Germany and Austria as well as for all other European countries where there is no official AQUARIO distributor. Due to the unique quality standards and the focus on the topic of ‘aquascaping’, the AQUARIO brand optimally complements our brand portfolio!

The entire AQUARIO brand portfolio is now available.

This consists of the range modules:

– NEO Soil
– NEO unit
– NEOFlow
– NEO diffuser
– NEO Water Conditioner
– NEO Fertilizer
– NEO bag
– NEO cap
– NEO Media.

All necessary information such as the AQUARIO price list (the prices are integrated into our standard price list), detailed information about the various items such as descriptions, dimensions etc. can be found in the attached files.

Please use the attached Google Drive link with all images of the AQUARIO products:

For further information please refer to the current price list.

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