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After the successful introduction of the BIOLOARK brand on the european market, we have now expanded the range to include the new Wabi-Kusa lighting TF-03 and TF-05.

We are also offering sets of various BIOLAORK products for the first time.
The LH-03 set includes the new TF-03 Wabi-Kusa LED and the LUJI-Glass MY-120.
The LH-05 set includes the new TF-05 Wabi-Kusa LED and the LUJI Glass MY-150.

As a set, these are also cheaper for the end consumer as the single product!
A particularly nice set is the new LH-2 complete package. It consists of a beautiful acrylic stand for the various BIOLOARK bubble cups (these cups are included in the set) and an LED specially developed for this set.

Article-Nr.: 5063 Wabi-Kusa lamp TF-03 (without USB plug)

Article-Nr.: 5064 Wabi-Kusa lamp TF-05 (without USB plug)

Article-Nr.: 5075 SET LH-02 (4* Bubble Cup, Acrylic Stand + LED)

Article-Nr.: 5076 SET LH-03 (TF-03 LED + MY-120 Luji Glass)

Article-Nr.: 5077 SET LH-05 (TF-05 LED + MY-150 Luji Glass)

For further information please refer to the current price list.

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