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1. UNS Fresh DUAL All-iN-ONE Rimless Aquariums

Introducing the UNS Freshwater Dual All-In-One System. Suitable for freshwater use, the Dual series can be customized with a full line of add-on accessories to support a successful reef aquarium. too
These aquariums feature everything that is loved about our standard rimless aquariums: 45° precision cut mitered edges, high-grade unobtrusive silicone for security and quality viewing plus low iron and 91% Diamant glass.
The AIO Tanks have a rotary nozzle included. It is also possible to order an additional standard nozzle.

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2. Ultum Nature System Foresta Paludarium

Ultum Nature System Foresta is an integrated paludarium system equipped with built in filtration and a cascading waterfall wall.
The included UNS Atomizer adds a colling mist effect, which is ideal for cultivating aquatic and terrestrial plants that require elevated humidity levels or tropical conditions to thrive.
One Foresta Line moss tape is also included.

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3. Ultum Nature Systems Glass Lids and Clear Clips

Glass lids are the perfect addition to your Ultum Nature Systems rimless glass aquarium tank. They are great for minimizing water evaporation and keeping even the most skittish fish, safe – all without compromising the clean aesthetic of a rimless planted tank. Crafted with precision, they fit any UNS tank while ensuring proper room for essential equipment.

NOTE: At this time, Ultum Nature Systems does not produce lids to fit 90L, 75P, 90P, 90U, 120U, and 180U tank sizes.

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4. UNS ATOMIZER Mist Maker Set

The Ultum Nature Systems Atomizer Mist Maker is an ultrasonic mister designed to emulate jungle-like conditions for tropical terrestrials and aquatic plant species grown emergent. Atomizer produces a gentler layer of fog to increase humidity levels and support healthy plant growth.

Included is the Splash Guard which is an optional accessory that may be used with the Atomizer Mist Maker to reduce splashing and prevent water spills during use.

The Atomizer Mist Maker Set is recommended for use with aquariums that have emergent aquatic plant growth or paludarium setups that feature plant species that require higher humidity.

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5. UNS DELTA Canister Filters ( with Aquario In+Outflows and FilerMedia )

Made from quality materials, DELTA 90 and 120 features heavy-duty construction with powerful technology and dynamic performance. Its sturdy pump provides efficient filtration and reliable circulation to aquariums ranging in size from 30-92 gallons. Designed to produce minimal noise, its silent operation paired with quick maintenance of its 3-stage filtration chamber make DELTA 90 and 120 an attractive match for planted aquariums.
The partnership with Aquario, a aquaristic manufacturer maims to enhance the performance, aesthetics, and functionality of Ultum Nature Systems’ Delta Canister Filters, particularly the Delta 90 and 120 models. Now equipped with Aquario’s Neo Flow Pipes and Neo Media, these upgrades aim to improve water quality and can be further customized with a variety of optional Neo Flow accessories.

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6. UNS MIGHTY Aquarium HOB Filter

A compact filter for nano aquariums. The Mighty Aquarium Filter series is available in 3 different sizes and provides essential filtration to freshwater planted nano tanks. These devices are easy to maintain, feature adjustable flow, leveler knobs and are constructed from durable materials for optimal performance and longevity. Each filter comes preloaded with media, is self-priming and can be quickly installed on the rim of any nano tank.

7. UNS STRATA Hardscape

Strata by Ultum Nature Systems features premium, resin molded stone and driftwood pieces. Each piece is hand-sculpted by professional aquascapers, offering meticulous detail and a beautiful, natural finish. Strata by Ultum Nature Systems is 100% aquarium safe and will not harm livestock or aquarium plants and will not discolor or alter water chemistry. A curated selection makes creating a beautiful aquascape layout easier than ever.

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For further information please refer to the current price list.

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