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The TWINSTAR LIGHT B-Series II is the latest LED from Twinstar. With improved performance and new features, the Series II has been specially redesigned to meet the needs of even the most demanding aquarist. The LEDs now have a performance improvement of approx. 20% considering the lumen flow.
Optimum light conditions for rich colors and plant growth

With its RGB LED, the TWINSTAR LIGHT B-Series II offers the perfect lighting solution for fish as well as aquarium plants. With a wide color spectrum from 400 to 700 nanometers, the LED light promotes the growth and development of plants and improves the coloring of fish immensely. With the Twinstar dimmer included in the scope of delivery, you now also have the option of individually adjusting the light intensity and lighting duration, in order to optimally adjust the lighting conditions to the needs of your aquarium. The dimmer also has a built-in “sunrise & sunset” function, which avoids stress for the animals living in the aquarium.

Energy Efficient Technology

The TWINSTAR LIGHT B-Series II is not only a powerful lighting solution, but also extremely energy-efficient. Compared to the previous version, the Series II offers a higher light output with a minimal increase in power consumption.

Elegant design and easy operation

The TWINSTAR LIGHT B-Series II not only impresses with its performance, but also with its appealing and elegant design. With a sleek aluminum body and easy operation, the Series II blends seamlessly into any aquarium design. The light weight and easy assembly make installation a breeze, so you can start enjoying the benefits of the TWINSTAR LIGHT B-Series II right away.

The new Twinstar B-Line II

  • with more power
  • ideal price/performance ratio
  • with WRGB LEDs
  • optimal color rendering
  • enhances natural colors
  • extendable brackets

APT S/Start 45g – Mineral supplement for ornamental aquariums.

APT S/Start 45g is a new powerful substrate booster and starter bacteria for starting cycling.

Substrate enrichment + Starter bacteria.

APT START provides an enviable boost of Ammoniacal Nitrogen and an array of essential minerals based on APT’s successful Capstone formula.

Solid inorganic macronutrient fertilizer with beneficial bacteria
NPK mineral fertilizer with micronutrients 8.8-0-0.5


Powerful booster for new tanks.
Improves substrate richness and accelerates readiness for planting and livestock introduction.
1 sachet (45 g) per area of 60 x 30 cm / 24″ x 12″.

Why APT Start?

APT START combines 2 essential upgrades for each new tank-substrate enrichment (a performance boost for 97% of aquasoils) and a mixture of starter bacteria to start the tank cycle

Transform any aquasoil

Rich aquasoil has long been sought after by experienced aquarists.
Finally, enjoy the power of a rich substrate on demand, regardless of your Aquasoil brand.

Start strong

80% of new tanks experience common issues such as plant meltdown and algal blooms. By starting the 2 Hour Way strong, these frustrations can largely be avoided.

Further information on the new Twinstar and APT products can be found in the attached price list as well as in the product information and brochures.

As usual, you are welcome to download this information from our homepage

I would also like to recommend the German-language homepage of the manufacturer 2HR Aquarist.

At all questions about the new products as well as further questions about plant fertilization will be answered in detail.

With the new products from the Twinstar and APT brands from The 2HR AQUARIST, you now have the world’s most sought-after new aquarium LEDs and fertilizer in your range!

For further information please refer to the current price list.

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