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The company MaxLite from Hong Kong strives to produce high-quality premium aquarium articles with the Life Aqua brand and to sell them worldwide.

The EA european aquaristics GmbH is now the exclusive sales partner for this unique brand in europe. Due to the unique quality standards and the focus on the topic ‘aquascaping’, the Life AQUA brand optimally complements our brand portfolio!

The entire LIFE AQUA brand portfolio is now available.
Smart living solutions for controlling your aquarium are also available via the high-quality aquarium lighting, the light screens with RGB-W LEDs, the premium CO2 accessories, the cabinet and aquarium stands!

With the LIFE AQUA brand, a new player for high-quality aquaristic articles is entering the European market.

We are pleased to support the LIFE AQUA brand in this market entry.

You will find all necessary information such as the LIFE AQUA price list (the prices are integrated into our standard price list!), detailed information on the various items such as descriptions, dimensions etc. the EU Energy Label for the LEDs and LIGHT SCREENs as well as some pictures of the new items in the attached files.

All other information such as sales folders, product videos, instructions for use, guarantees, etc. can be found on the homepage

Further information on the new products can be found in the attached price list as well as in the product information and brochures.

Weitere Informationen entnehmen Sie bitte der aktuellen Preisliste.

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