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1. The following NA and DOOA Products are available now:

Article Nr.: 153-015 DOOA Magnet Light Stand MARU 95
Article Nr.: 153-016 DOOA Magnet Light Stand MARU 130

Article Nr.: 151-305 DOOA Glas Pot MARU 130 und Magnet Light G Set

Article Nr.: 151-306 DOOA Glas Pot MARU 130

Article Nr.: 105-729 NA Super Jet Filter ES-900

Article Nr.: 105-113 NA New Metal Pipe V-1
Article Nr.: 105-114 NA New Metal Pipe V-2
Article Nr.: 105-123 NA New Metal Pipe P-1

Article Nr.: 999-869 ADA Aquatic Plant Style Booklet

Article Nr.: 109-201A IAPLC 2023 T-Shirt M
Article Nr.: 109-202B IAPLC 2023 T-Shirt L
Article Nr.: 109-203 IAPLC 2023 T-Shirt XL
Article Nr.: 109-205 IAPLC 2023 Pin Badge

2. The following NA Products are available for sale again:

Article Nr.: 108-142 NA Light Screen 60
Article Nr.: 108-143 NA Light Screen 90

Further information on the new products can be found in the attached price list as well as in the product information and brochures.

For further information please refer to the current price list.

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