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System Paluda 30 & 60 / Neo Glass Paluda 30 & 60

The DOOA System Paluda is an aquarium tank for Paludarium, adopting original misting system with
“Mistflow” and “Circulation Fan 40”.

Please refer the attached PDF for details.

Artikel Nr.: 151-403 DOOA System Paluda 30

Artikel Nr.: 151-404 DOOA System Paluda 60

Artikel Nr.: 151-405 DOOA Neo Glass Paluda 30

Artikel Nr.: 151-406 DOOA Neo Glass Paluda 60

DOOA Paluda Light 30 & 60

It is RGB type lighting equipment developed for System Paluda 30&60, and it is ADA’s original RGB configuration for enjoying glowing leaves in blue peculiar
to tropical rain-forest plants and bright colored flowers of small orchids with the balance ratio of R (red), G (green) and B (blue) lights that determines the light quality.

Please refer the attached PDF for details.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie im beigefügten PDF.

Artikel Nr.: 153-103 DOOA Paluda Light 30

Artikel Nr.: 153-104 DOOA Paluda Light 60

DOOA Circulation Fan 40

DOOA Circulation Fan 40 is a fan developed for growing tropical rainforest plants with System Paluda / Neo Glass Paluda. Unlike the existing small fans, it is designed to mount to an Ø40mm hole, and it can be used for both suction and exhaust depending on the fan orientation. Additionally, by using Mistflow with it, a foggy environment similar to a cloud forest can be recreated.

Please refer the attached PDF for details.

Artikel Nr.: 152-507 DOOA-Umwälzventilator 40

DOOA Paluda Clean PC

DOOA Paluda Clean PC is an exchangeable absorption pack for removing dissolved calcium and magnesium from the water
with the function of cation exchange resin, and for preventing the white stains (water scale). A pack of the product should be added to Mistflow Box (water tank) of the DOOA System Paluda series and System Terra 30, and System Aqua 30 when wanting to reduce the hardness of water. And water treated with this product in a separate container such as a pitcher can be used for spraying.

For details, please refer the attachment.

Artikel Nr.: 152-320 DOOA Paluda Clean PC

DOOA Jungle Soil / DOOA Jungle Base

Jungle Soil and Jungle Base for making ideal soil for Paludarium become available in bigger bags.
Jungle Soil is natural black soil based consisting of moderate nutrients and blended with soil microorganisms and anthracite effective for growing plants. Jungle Base is pumice based and blended with soil microorganisms and charcoal powder essential for growing plants.

Please refer the attached PDF for details.

Artikel Nr.: 152-004 DOOA Jungle Base 1L

Artikel Nr.: 152-005 DOOA Jungle Soil 3L

New Brochure of DOOA Systems Paluda

A new brochure that covers DOOA Paluda series and its related products released recently, is completed. A system aquarium tank for Paludarium allows us to recreate an ecosystem where various plants inhabit by appropriately controlling light, humidity and air.

Made-to-Order Products – Mizukusa Mist Wall 120 & Steel Cabinet

Mizukusa Mist Wall 120 and its designated cabinet will be available for Made-to-Order. It creates a scenery filled nicely with mist generated by Mistflow. Due to the heavy weight of the Flowbox, the Mizukusa Mist Wall requires a compatible steel cabinet. The Wall and Cabinet are both made-to-order products. It will take approximately 3 or 4 months for shipment after the order is received.

For more details, please refer the attached PDF.

Artikel Nr.: 152-703 DOOA Mizukusa Mist Wall 120

Artikel Nr.: 152-706 DOOA Stahlschrank für Mizuakusa Mist Wall 120

Solar RGB Stand for Metal Cabinet 60 is ready for shipment

ADA releases Solar RGB Stand for Metal Cabinet 60. The stand can be installed stylishly by mounting special brackets on the right rear side of Metal Cabinet 60.

Please refer the attached PDF for image.

Artikel Nr.: 108-192 Solar RGB Stand for Metal Cabinet 60

Soon available

Soon available

Soon available

Soon available

Soon available

In Cube Garden, the following sizes are scheduled to be released this fall.
We will inform you more details later.

Cube Garden (45 x 27 x 20 cm / 5 mm)
Cube Garden (60 x 30 x 25 cm / 5 mm)
Cube Garden (60 x 45 x 36 cm / 6 mm)

For further information please refer to the current price list.

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