The new ONF Moss Micro Landscape Set

“Bring the vitality of plants into your living environment. Let the amazing power of green life sink into your everyday lives. Create a micro forest home and continues the beauty of greenery.”

Materials and selected tools are included in the moss micro-landscape package . You can start your creation with your plants right away by following the instruction manual and is applicate to ONF plant light as well.


  • Clear Glass Vase
  • Lid
  • Sprayer
  • Manual
  • Stainless Steel Aquarium Tools ( Scissors, Tweezers,Long Spoon )
  • Drainage Stones
  • Dried Sphagnum
  • Peat Soils
  • Akadama Soils

* Plants and Moss are not included in the Set!

Artikel Nr.: 6311 ONF Moss Micro Landscape Set

Bundle ONF Moss Micro Landscape Set and Flat Nano+ White Desktop LED (Article-Nr. 6350)

Special offer for a bundle including the new ONF Moss Micro Landscape Set and the ONF Nano + White Lighting Desktop.

For further information please refer to the current price list.

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