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THE 2HR AQUARIST from Singapore with the new,
currently most innovative aquarium fertilizer APT

Will be available from our warehouse next week.

APT Fertilizer and Conditioner:

  • Recommended by leading Aquarist and Aquascaper like George Farmer, Karen Randall, Dr. Tom Barr, Jeff Miotke and Nigel Hoevenaar
  • Provides the most demanding plants on the market with a comprehensive all-in-one solution
  • Perfect for colorful plants
  • Developed for high quality growth without algae
  • Developed for professional aquarium users and aquascaper
  • By using 2HR, users receive a professional management system for planted aquariums

We’ll start with the new 300ml standard bottle for the products APT1 (Zero), APT3 (Complete), APTe (Estimative Index), APTp (Pure) and APTf (Fix) and also with the 1000ml refill bottle for the products APT1 (Zero), APT3 (Complete) and APTe (Estimative Index).

Further information on the new APT fertilizer and water conditioner series can be found in the attached product brochure.

At you will find also detailed answers to all your questions about the new products as well as further questions about plant fertilization.

With the new APT fertilizer from 2HRAQUARIST, you now have the world’s most popular new aquarium fertilizer in your range!

For further information please refer to the current price list.

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