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1. [Publication] NATURE AQUARIUM CALENDAR 2023

We are now accepting orders for the Nature Aquarium Calendar 2023.
It contains six of the 180cm tank layout works created by ADA’s SUIKEI creators.
All the six aquascapes are exhibited at NATURE AQUARIUM EXHIBITION 2022 OSAKA at the Namba SkyO in Osaka. You can enjoy the aquascapes that you can see at the event at home.

2. [Publication] Nature Aquarium Photobook “ADA SUIKEI CREATORS Vol. 01”

This small 40-page book, which is a collection of representative works by the five SUIKEI Creators, introduces each creator’s unique expression of Nature Aquarium.
The text will be in Japanese only, but an English translation of the text will be attached as a separate sheet for overseas readers.

3. [DOOA] Glass Pot MARU 95 with additional holes on the side and lid

We are pleased to announce the release of “Glass Pot MARU 95”, a new version of our popular Glass Pot MARU, with additional holes for ventilation. The size and shape are the same as the conventional Glass Pot MARU, but the additional holes on the upper part of the side and in the center of the lid help maintain moderate humidity and reduce fogging of the glass surface. The shape is suitable for growing tropical plants in glass containers, making it ideal for the production of mini Paludarium.

4. [NA Product] Cabochon Ruby is back

Due to a problem in manufacturing supply, we regrettably discontinued the sales of the glass back-flow prevention valve “Cabochon Ruby” about two years ago. Today, we are happy to inform you that we are back on track to manufacture it again. And we will start offering it under the same product name from the above schedule. Please note that the price will be significantly higher than the previous one,
because raw material prices are soaring and the product is hand-made by glass craftsmen.

5. [DOOA] Collection Wire Stand 30

Collection Wire Stand 30 is a display stand that can be put in System Paluda 30 and Neo Glass Paluda 30.
It was initially developed as a display fixture for the ADA LAB. However, by popular demand, it is released to the general public. The hooks included in this product support LC cups. Twelve hooks are included in the product. Plants displayed in tiers each stand out perfectly. Please utilize it not only as a product for end-users, but also as a display fixture at store. The dimensions are also compatible with System Paluda 30 with humidifying function.

6. [DOOA] Display Stand 30&60 for Glass Pot MARU (w/o Paluda Light )

Various style samples for growing plants in glass cases (containers) with LED lighting are displayed as ADA’s new indoor greenery ideas at the ADA LAB, which is currently taken place at the Tokyu Plaza Ginza in Tokyo. Especially, Glass Pot MARU has been receiving great reviews that lots of visitors express heir interest in utilizing it for their plant collections because of its simple size. In response to the great reviews, we’ve decided to offer a special ADA LAB product that is a display stand for Glass Pot MARU. Please enjoy mini Paludarium in Glass Pot MARU in the color tone of Paluda Light, making tropical plants look vivid. Please check the details in the attached PDF.

For further information please refer to the current price list.

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