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After the successful introduction of the BIOLAORK brand, we have now expanded the BioBottle series by two more models, called QD-series and we are pleased to be able to present the new BubbleCup product series. With these wonderful little glasses, everyone can get a small piece of nature on their office desk or in the living room.

Article Nr.: 5009 Bio Bottle Modell QD172, 3 Watt (ohne USB Stecker)

Article Nr.: 5010 Bio Bottle Modell QD205, 5 Watt (ohne USB Stecker)

Article Nr.: 5070 Bubble Cup ONE

Article Nr.: 5071 Bubble Cup TWO

Article Nr.: 5072 Bubble Cup THREE

Article Nr.: 5073 Bubble Cup FOUR

Article Nr.: 5074 Bubble Cup SET

For further information please refer to the current price list.

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