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THE 2HR AQUARIST from Singapore with the new, probably the world’s most innovative aquarium fertilizer APT is now launching the products APT Jazz and APT Sky.

APT Jazz – The best root fertilizer for planted tanks.

APT Jazz replenishes root nutrients and achieves thicker, fuller growth forms with appropriate algae control. Nitrate limitation is easily made easy with APT Jazz. APT Jazz offers a powerful visible growth spurt, even for the most demanding plants. Unparalleled nitrate limiting ability unleashes the deepest reds of aquarium plants.

Directions: 1 capsule on an area of approx. 5*5cm substrate at most every 2 months.
APT Jazz comes in packs of 18 and 54 respectively.

APT Sky – Enjoy the freedom to grow shrimp in soft water tanks and let hard water and soft water plants grow side by side.

APT Sky ensures that Caridina / Neocaridina shrimp are more healthy and willing to reproduce in soft water and opens up the possibility of allowing hard and soft water plants to thrive side by side. APT Sky sets the GH value with 100% precision without any negative effects on the NPK, KH and pH value and brings carefully balanced minerals for the optimal GH value such as calcium, magnesium, iron and trace elements into the aquarium water.

Directions: Add 3 teaspoons (15ml) to harden 60 liters of osmosis water.
APT Sky is available in 150g or 800g. Pack.

Further information on the new APT products can be found in the attached price list as well as in the product information and brochures.

At all questions about the new products as well as further questions about plant fertilization will be answered in detail.

With the new products of the APT brand from The 2HR AQUARIST, you now have the world’s most popular new aquarium fertilizer in your range!

For further information please refer to the current price list.

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